About Us

Boathouse Games

Boathouse Games Ltd is a UK-based iOS development company with a worldwide customer base, including players from US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and across Europe.

Based in the heart of East Anglia, our games company has emerged from small beginnings, seven years ago, to a much larger organisation with several popular family-friendly games apps, such as Brain Games (involving daily mathematical puzzles), Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, Word Search, Crossword and Noughts and Crosses. We also have a number of practical apps to use in and about the home, including our Stop Smoking app and diary apps.

We are developing new games all the time and updating our existing apps to improve your experience of the game. Soon to be released over the next few months will be a new word-based game; we are also updating our card games, and are working on improvements to our most popular diary app.

Director Chris Guyler, a software engineer, has had more than 30 years’ experience in the games industry and has worked with some of the top games companies worldwide. He has developed apps and utilities and continues his commitment to producing user-friendly games for all all ages to play on your iPad or iPhone, at home or on the move.


At Boathouse Games we try to keep our costs low so our players can have access to free games. We use advertising as a source of income. Without advertising there will be no income to develop and improve our games. We hope that all the users of our games software appreciate the reason why we use adverts: to keep the vast majority of our games free.

User Experience

We like to think that you are enjoying our games and judging by your reviews, you are. However, if you are having difficulty with any of our apps then please let us know. We try to test our games on as many different devices as we can and would like to ensure that our games run as smoothly as possible for you.


We always welcome any feedback on enhancements or features you would like in the next versions of our games. In fact, most of our updates are due to enhancements suggested by you. We encourage everyone to write reviews and send suggestions to us. Just visit our contacts page and send an email to us.


Have fun playing our Boathouse Games apps.

Happy Playing!

-Chris Guyler, founder and developer of Boathouse Games