Brain Games

Our iOS Brain Games app is a free mathematical brain teaser to put your math/maths skills to the test on your iPhone or iPad.

Choose from easy to medium, hard or very hard daily games to challenge yourself to the max.

Top players can see their score on our leaderboard.

Easy Brain Game

The Easy free Brain Game math/maths challenge gives you just two minutes to fill in the blanks to four interlinked maths puzzles. Need a quick solution? You can use your points at any time to reveal correct answers.

Points available – ten

Medium Brain Game

You get the same timeframe as in our Easy Brain Game app challenge to provide solutions to four interlinked harder maths puzzles. In our Medium Brain Game, you also have the chance to forfeit points at any time to find solutions.

Points available – twenty

Hard Brain Game

Our Hard Brain Game has six interlinked puzzles to complete correctly against a two-minute timeframe. You can restart the game at any time or forfeit points to reveal answers.

Points available – thirty

Very Hard Brain Game

Designed for maths/math pros, our Very Hard Brain Game is the ultimate challenge. Compete to complete the puzzle within the two minutes provided, or use your points to assist you.

Points available – forty

You can download our Brain Game at the App Store here

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