Crystals HD

Crystals HD, or Super Crystals HD, is an adrenalin-fuelled free arcade style game app that is played against the clock.

The object of the game is to move any coloured crystal up, down or sideways to get three crystals of the same shape and colour in a row or column – and to do this as many times as possible to win points before the timer stops!

How to Play Our Crystals Arcade App

Your aim is to beat the clock to get three or more of the same shape crystals in a row or column as many times as possible.

Each time you do this your run will be eliminated and more crystals drop down on to the playing grid. The more successful you are, the more Power Balls and Glitz Balls you will receive, and the more points you get, in addition to extra time awarded.

Power Balls

You earn a Power Ball by getting five of the same crystals in a row and this will eliminate a group of crystals in the middle of the playing board, and earn you more points.

Glow Balls

If you get four crystals in a row, you get a Glow Ball which can be swiped up, down, left or right to any other colour/shape to eliminate all crystals of that type.

Glitz Balls

You earn a Glitz Ball by accumulating points and you can use your Glitz Ball at any time to take out the crystals with the largest number of that type on the grid.

The players scoring the highest number of points in this free arcade style game for the iPhone and iPad, get their name on the Leaderboard.

Download Crystals HD from the Apple Store here.

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