FreeCell is a tactical free card game app to test your speed and brain power against the clock.

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The Object of FreeCell Card Game

The aim of FreeCell is to remove all the cards from the columns – one move at a time – to appear in suit order (from ace to king) across all four ace piles at the top of your screen/ card table. You need to do this in the quickest time possible!

To play, sort the cards in the columns first until you free up cards to move to the ace piles.

You can only sort the cards in the columns in descending order (king through to ace) and by alternate coloured suits; for instance, a 10 of clubs can be moved onto a jack of hearts, a six of diamonds onto a seven of clubs, and so on.

The ace piles appear at the top right-hand corner of the card table (or left if you are using the left-handed option) and are to be sorted by suit in ascending order (ace to king).

FreeCell card game is won once you have moved all the cards from the columns to the ace piles.

How to Play FreeCell

To start, choose one of three game levels: Easy, Medium or Hard (nine, eight or seven columns).

The cards are dealt randomly across each of the columns on the board.

To make a move, drag a card at the front of a column with your finger into the correct place on the card table, which may be onto a column or on an ace pile.

If you need to free a card at the back or middle of a column (an ace or two, for instance), you need to drag each card in turn (at the front of the relevant column) into the correct space on the card table, until you reach the card you want.

Another way to free up ‘trapped cards’ is by moving a card to one of the four free spaces (or free cells) at the top left, or right-hand side of the card table (depending on your options). You can also move a card into an empty column, if one becomes available.

As you free up cards in a column, one or more cards may be sorted automatically into an ace pile. This will only happen if you don’t need that card to remain on the table for your next move.

You can quit or restart this competitive card game at any time.

Game Time and Points

Your game time appears at the top of the screen, along with today’s fastest game time.

The number of moves you make on the daily game will also appear, as will your score.

You gain a point by placing a correct card on the ace pile.

FreeCell Options

The game options allow you to turn the sound on or off, or to change the appearance of your cards for easy viewing.

Enjoy playing our free FreeCell card game!

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