Jigsaw Puzzle

Boathouse Games’ Jigsaw Puzzle is a fun, family-friendly games app that you can play at home or on the move.

Choose to upload a photo or select one of our images to play our relaxing jigsaw puzzles at your leisure.

You can make the jigsaws as hard or as easy as you like by choosing from: four piece puzzles (2 x 2), 16-piece games (4 x 4), 36-piece jigsaws (6 x 6), 64-piece puzzles (8 x 8), or 256-piece games (16 x 16).

To play, simply drag your chosen puzzle piece onto the board and slot it into its correct place.

Repeat the action with the remaining jigsaw pieces until you have completed the picture.

Need Help Completing Your Jigsaw?

If you need help at any time, press the blue ‘Show Edges’ button at the bottom right-hand side of your screen. This will reveal all the jigsaw pieces with edges. Alternatively, you can press the blue ‘Colour Match’ button to show pieces in a similar colour.

You can also play a video to reveal a puzzle piece, complete the edges of the jigsaw, or to complete the puzzle on your behalf.

Enjoy playing our family-friendly Jigsaw App!

Click on this link to download our free Jigsaw app.

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