Our New Look Solitaire

Free Solitaire/Patience card game app
Free Solitaire/Patience card game app

We have revamped our free Solitaire/Patience card games app to include brand new easy viewing graphics and new challenges.

Our newly updated Solitaire app has three new levels and three games options: alternate colours/colors, same colours/colors or same suit.

Choose from left-hand or right-hand deal, expand the columns for easy viewing, and use your points to undo a move. You also have a selection of card options to choose from.

If you are playing our competitive Daily Games, you can see where you rank against others on the Leaderboard!

It has fast downloads and is easy to view on mobile phones.

We would love to hear your feedback so please email us or leave a review at the iStore.

Click here to download our new free Solitaire game today!

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New Free Solitaire

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