Solitaire/ Patience

Our Solitaire card game, also known as Patience, is a family-friendly app to play solo at home or on the move.

With Boathouse Games’ Solitaire, you can play traditional Solitaire/Patience using alternate colour/color suits (such as diamonds on spades or hearts on clubs), or adapt the card game, either by using the same colours/colors (e.g. diamonds on hearts and clubs on spades), or by choosing the same suits only to play.

Other changes you can make are as follows:

Pick your pack of cards to personalise the game.

Make the game harder or easier by adjusting the number of columns (from five to seven, depending on the level difficulty you choose).

Adjust the level of difficulty by dealing one card at a time (to make the game easier), or deal in sets of three.

Deal the cards from the right or left-hand side of the screen.

The Object of Solitaire

The object of this solo card game is to get rid of all the cards from the columns and to place them into suit order on the four ace piles at the top of the card table.

You have won the game once you have moved all the cards from the columns into the relevant order on the ace piles and there are no cards left to play or deal.

Traditional Solitaire App

To play Solitaire, sort each card you have been dealt into descending order (from king to ace) in the columns and into ascending suit order (from ace to king) on the ace piles.

Traditional Solitaire is played by sorting all the columns (usually seven columns) into alternate coloured suits (e.g three of hearts on four of spades, and so on).

If you are dealt an ace, this will automatically appear on one of the four ace piles at the top of the screen. This section is played in ascending order, and with the same suit, (e.g. a two of diamonds will go on top of the ace of diamonds, and so on).

If you have a blank column, you can move a king and its descending cards to that column to reveal another card.

You can also move relevant cards between columns to free up a ‘face-down’ card.

The game finishes when all the ace piles are complete, or when there are no further moves to make.

If you cannot make any more moves you can quit the game to be dealt a new set of cards.

How to Play Our Free Solitaire/Patience App

Start the game by clicking on the dealer card pile at the top right or left-hand side of the screen, depending on which dealer option you have chosen.

Next, drag the card you have been dealt into the correct column or pile.

If you can’t play the card you have been dealt, either by moving it into one of the columns, or ace piles, deal again until you have no cards left to play.

Competitive Daily Games

Play our Daily Solitaire card games to compete against other players online.

The fastest times are recorded on the Leaderboard!

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