Spider Solitaire

Our Spider Solitaire app is a solo strategy card game where the fastest players are rewarded with their name on the Leaderboard!

You have three levels to choose from: Easy (one suit), Medium (two suits) and Hard (four suits).

The Aim of Spider Solitaire

At the start of the game you are automatically dealt ten columns of cards – all in the same suit (clubs) if you have chosen the Easy game, or two or more suits if you have chosen the harder options.

Your aim is to sort the cards in suit order from king to ace (as far as possible) in each of the ten columns by dragging a card, or set of cards, from one column to another. Once you have secured eight full suits, you have won the game!

How to Play Our Free Spider Solitaire App

First, choose which of the three levels you would like to play.

Once the cards are dealt, you can sort the cards by dragging them from one column to another.

If you cannot make any more moves, press the dealer pile to be dealt more cards. These new cards will be distributed in random order across each of the ten columns, so they will appear on top of the cards you have already played.

Once you have created a full suit in a column, these cards will automatically move to one of the eight suit piles at the top of the screen.

Continue to sort the cards from column to column, until there are no cards left to deal and no cards left in the columns.

Once all eight suit piles are complete, you have won the game!

Spider Solitaire Rules

If you have freed up an empty column, you can move a single card or any ordered group of cards to that column (e.g. a four to ace, a king to ten, or a single king).

You can only deal when all ten columns contain a single card, or a set of cards. So if you have empty columns, you will need to choose which card, or set of cards, to drag into that column.


You can choose one of three playing levels on the Daily Games or general games.

You can choose your playing cards.

The app will keep a log of your game statistics, including the number of games you have won and your fastest playing times.

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